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Plastic, aesthetic and reconostructive surgeon.


Specialty in General Surgery
Sub-Specialty in Reconstructive Plastic Surgery,
Basic Facial Surgery with emphasis on Ultra Short Stay Rhinoplasty

When making the decision to undergo medical treatments and surgical procedures, selecting a qualified and experienced physician is a-must, especially when it comes to procedures that affect your appearance. Dr. Arabel Tamayo is a plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgeon trained in Mexico, motivated by the passion to create balance in the beauty of the human being. His way of working is compared to that of a sculptor who creates art. His impeccable attention to detail, and his in- depth knowledge of the best techniques and treatments, make his work exceptional.

As a plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgeon in Mexico, Dr. Arabel Tamayo specializes in face and body procedures, using state-of-the-art technology to achieve superior but natural results for each patient. In his practice, he actively combines clinical experience, technical precision, current knowledge, and aesthetic refinement to deliver consistent, superior, natural, and highly enjoyable results.

Dr. Arabel Tamayo's focus on achieving a patient's balance, places communication at the center of every client relationship. He spends time understanding their physical concerns and how they are affected by them, in order to select treatments that successfully address the problem, providing an effective solution to the insecurities that cause it.

Dr. Arabel Tamayo specializes in reconstructive microsurgery, which requires great attention to detail. That is why his work and experience lead him to perform exceptionally fine and sculptural work in surgeries and procedures to enhance beauty.

Cosmetic surgery is a creative expression for Dr. Arabel Tamayo, who continues to discover and research new treatments, techniques, and technology to offer his patients at his clinic in northwestern Mexico.


BEAUNIT Beauty Specialist Center Blvd. Justo Sierra 104,
Col. Pitic 83150
Hermosillo, SON Mexico

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